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Second Quarter Edition

April-June 2007

  Upcoming Events
13. Group Selection field tour at Algonquin Park
14. Hybrid poplar treeplant and tour
15. IUFRO Sault

Forestry Education at the CEC
16. University of Toronto field camp
17. Envirothon

Points of Interest
18. Petawawa Research Forest links
19. CIF conference series
20. Climate Change Info
21. Tembec wins ForestLeadership award

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General Manager’s Message

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) recently released “Industry at a Crossroads: Choosing the Path to Renewal”. The report was prepared by the Forest Products Industry Competitiveness Task Force. The document focuses on the identification of options for the forest sector to accelerate the rate of capital investment and the pace of innovation in the Canadian forest products industry.

What does this mean for us at the Forestry Research Partnership? The statements speak to the urgency and overall importance of the rapid implementation of best science and technologies that will allow us to improve our understanding of the forest resource. As the industry makes the major restructuring and productivity investment decisions, a solid forest resource knowledge base will be critical to success.

Breakthrough technologies in the area of forest inventory, for example, can potentially produce a step-change in our ability to know the forest. A forest inventory that delivers a marked improvement in precision will be evaluated against a more conventional, cost efficient inventory. As we explore options to ramp up the pace of innovation, we will be faced with these tradeoff decisions at a growing rate.

The partners involved with the FRP have been successful in building the business case, delivering the science products, facilitating the change through informing policy-makers, and working with the practitioners to implement the improvement. This is Innovation Excellence. We at the FRP can demonstrate that this is the winning formula to conduct and apply forest research and be players in the renewal of our industry.

Bill Snell
General Manager
The Forestry Research Partnership

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Canadian Wood Fibre Centre Update

The Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) was launched in April 2006, as part of a structural reform of the Canadian forest sector innovation system. This restructuring, proposed by the Canadian Forest Innovation Council (CFIC), also includes the amalgamation of three existing forest research institutes (FERIC, Forintek, and Paprican) into a single entity, FPInnovations. Although FERIC, Forintek and Paprican constitute substantial research capacity in forest operations, fibre processing and forest products marketing, the CFIC identified a capacity gap in the forest management segment of the fibre supply chain. The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) responded to this gap by forming the CWFC.

The CWFC comprises 55 CFS employees located at the five CFS regional forestry centres across Canada, and at CFS headquarters in Ottawa. The names of a number of the Ontario-based CWFC employees will be familiar because of their past and present involvement in the Forestry Research Partnership. George Bruemmer, the Executive Director of the CWFC, is located at CFS HQ in Ottawa; Dr. Darwin Burgess and Craig Robinson are located at the Petawawa Research Forest; Dr. Art Groot, Dr. Doug Pitt, Dr. Peter Newton, Dr. Suzanne Wetzel, Mike Adams, Jeff Fera, Mike Laporte, and Chad Yurich are located at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre in Sault Ste. Marie.

The vision of the CWFC is “Canada’s wood fibre is sustainably managed to give the forest sector a strong competitive advantage in a global marketplace” and its mission is to “create innovative knowledge to expand the economic opportunities for the forest sector to benefit from Canadian wood fibre”. The CWFC remains a part of the CFS, but will take its functional direction from FPInnovations. This unique public/private partnership will foster research that is integrated across the entire forest value chain and will support the transformation of the forest sector away from a reliance on commodity-based forest products towards more market diversification.

The CWFC has completed a development plan for the 2006-9 period, which outlines three key objectives: (i) develop a national research program, (ii) promote uptake and application, and (iii) implement the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre. We are enjoying the challenges of carrying out the development plan, and look forward to making a positive contribution to the competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector.

For more information about the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, contact:
Art Groot
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre Regional Co-ordinator
(705) 541-5724

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Website Launch

The FRP has launched a new website! It is now more navigable and easy to access all of the research projects. Only know the project by its location or by its lead researcher? No problem! Now you have 5 different ways to look up research projects. This new website makes it easier for foresters and the general public alike to access the many projects and products of the FRP.

Check out our new website at our same web address www.forestresearch.ca For any comments or feedback on our new website feel free to email us forest@canadianecology.ca

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Tembec Silviculture Field Tour

Click here to view an article in pdf format.

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Enhanced Resource Inventory workshop

To view a detailed article with pictures click here.

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OPFA conference

Many changes in the 50 years of professional forestry in Ontario

The Ontario Professional Foresters Association (OPFA) recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary during their Conference and Annual General Meeting at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. The timely theme of this meeting was about valuing the past and embracing the future. Presentations touched on past logging history and management customs, present issues and practices, and several items with potential to be the future of forestry in Ontario – including the FRP’s modeling and inventory projects, presented by Murray Woods from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ Southern Science and Information section [see photo]. The field tour associated with the event followed the same chronology by visiting a maple syrup operation, the Tembec flooring and sawmills, and a few sites from Huntsville’s developing urban forestry program.

Some of the main concerns/ ideas brought up by the group included: changing the current land tenure system (SFLs), the need for Ontario and Canada to be more innovative and adaptable with respect to our forest products, the need for management efficiency to allow for fibre to be used to its fullest potential, the crucial need to impart forestry knowledge to teachers and their young students, and the role of urban forestry in educating primarily southern city-dwellers about trees and forests as well as in carbon sequestration. Some other concerns that were on the minds of the participants were the dramatic decline in forestry enrolment, and the need for the OPFA to be more inclusive, allowing people who are involved in forestry-type careers, but not necessarily foresters or forest technologists into the membership.

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Forestry Research Partnership and Canadian Ecology Centre represented at the 2007 Northern Ontario ESRI User Conference
by: Paul Courville

The Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (ESRI) Canada hosted the Northern Ontario User Conference at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay on May 1st and 2nd. ESRI Canada hosts the conference annually to encourage staff interaction with software users. The conference featured a field session, informal networking, Q&A opportunities, presentations, and learning sessions with advanced software users.

The morning field session featured the Canadian Ecology Centre’s Daniel Mansfield, instructing 28 participants on the proper use of recreation grade GPS. The participants also explored solutions for the integration of recreation grade GPS field data with a GIS. The session highlighted attributes from the National Greencheck GPS Certification Program as well as the new Rural Communities Geomatics Centre (RCGC) courses. For more information on the National Greencheck GPS Certification program go to greencheckgps.ca and for inquiries about the RCGC contact Bill Steer at bill@canadianecology.ca.

The afternoon session opened with “the new Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) plan,” presented by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This was followed by Paul Courville’s presentation of “LiDAR’s Future Role in an Enhanced Forest Inventory”, an overview of the FRP’s “Acquiring and testing Multiband orthophotography (and integrated LiDAR) for production of enhanced forest inventories in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Forest” project. The presentation was well attended by over forty delegates and generated a great deal of interest and discussion. For more information on the project, please visit www.enhancedinventory.ca

The invitation to speak at the ESRI user conference was an important step for the Forestry Research Partnership and the Canadian Ecology Centre. Not only did the conference provide an excellent opportunity to showcase current research projects to a new and diverse group of practitioners, it was also an opportunity for the CEC to promote its programs. The recognition by ESRI, an international entity, highlights the relevance of the FRP research projects and demonstrates ESRI’s respect for the CEC’s Greencheck program and Geomatics courses.

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BES Conference

Click here for a detailed article with pictures of our staff with Dr. David Suzuki!

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FESC Science Day

The Forest Ecosystem Science Co-operative, a forestry research organization based out of Thunder Bay, and a partner in a number of FRP projects, held its annual Forest Co-op Science Day at the Holiday Inn in Sault Ste. Marie on April 4th. The intent of this annual event is to provide an open invitation for representatives from each of the co-op’s project partners as well as the general public to come hear about the progress of the co-op’s current research projects.

This year, the Fish & Wildlife Science Unit of the FESC presented results from the marten cores, marten habitat, and imagery projects. It is hoped that the findings from the marten studies will be added to the MNR’s new Landscape Guide and that they will make it easier for the forest industry to manage the protection of marten in their forest management plans. The Growth & Yield Science Unit discussed the inventory and modeling, permanent growth plot, MOSSY, NEBIE (Boreal), and prescribed burn projects – a number of which the FRP is also a partner.

The Science Day was ultimately a success, bringing everyone in attendance up to speed on the progress of the Forest Ecosystem Science Co-op and its projects.

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CFS/OFRI Meetings

On April 3rd, Ken Durst and Nancy Young had the opportunity to become more familiar with the Forestry Research Partnership’s government partners in Sault Ste. Marie by paying a visit to the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Ontario Forest Research Institute, and the Canadian Forest Service Great Lakes Forestry Centre in a tour organized by Guy Smith of the CFS. As these two offices house most of the FRP’s Principle Investigators, it was very important to touch base, presenting the FRP’s current status and projects to a larger group and also meeting with several individuals. During this visit, Ken Durst took the opportunity to present the FRP’s LiDARGreat Lakes St. Lawrence Multiband Orthophotography and LiDAR Inventory projectto the audience at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre which sparked a great deal of interest in a number of the researchers in attendance. At the end of the day Dr. Dean Thompson graciously gave an impromptu presentation of his DSS Spray Advisor project to a private audience of Ken and Nancy with the purpose of promoting its extension in the near future.

A great deal of feedback was provided during the group session regarding new ideas for the extension program and the need for a stronger link between the FRP, OFRI, and the Forestry Branch at the Bondar office. These items have been duly noted and the FRP looks forward to developing these new relationships and opportunities!

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University of Toronto - Sustainable Forest Management Network

On March 19th, Dr. Jay Malcolm a faculty member at the University of Toronto, hosted a session to introduce the current studies being undertaken by students which are funded by the Forestry Futures Trust (FFT) and Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFMN). Nancy Young attended the meeting to keep abreast of the new research projects that are going on and also to get an update on Ben Kuttner’s progress with his Multi-Cohort Classification and Enhanced Forest Inventory project which is administered by the Forestry Research Partnership. So far Ben’s work has elicited some interesting findings such as the need to standardize stand age measurements (i.e. age of dominant trees, oldest tree in the plot, time since fire, etc), and also the need for Permanent Sample Plots that are more representative of full stands than the current smaller-scale. At this point Ben is changing gears from the classification of multiple cohorts in a stand to testing LiDAR’s ability to delineate these cohorts.

The other projects presented at this session were broken into two parts: (1) multi-cohort management in northeastern Ontario – associated wildlife communities and projected stand dynamics, and (2) the dynamics of woody debris in eastern Boreal forests – implications for carbon and wildlife management. The multi-cohort projects focused on the classification of 4 individual cohorts within a stand, determining the relationships between small mammals and cohorts (species or life cycle dependence on certain cohort attributes), and also the modeling of the stand dynamics found in these cohorts. The woody debris projects focused on the relationships between wildlife (insects, fungi, birds, and small mammals) and woody debris, and also the role this debris plays in carbon sequestration. With all of these projects taking place (and these are only from one university) there are obviously many exciting results to look forward to in the near future!

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Welcome to Amanda

On April 10th the FRP acquired a brand new intern to fill the Extension Biologist position: Amanda Clouthier from Pembroke. Amanda is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Environmental Biology degree program at Nipissing University and also of the Environmental Protection and Compliance course at Canadore College. She has worked for the Deep River Science Academy based out of the Petawawa Research Forest for the past 3 summers, helping out with white pine and black spruce research projects.

With the FRP, Amanda will be helping to organize and facilitate knowledge transfer events, writing newsletters and TreeTips, taking part in various meetings, producing a library of all FRP project documentation, as well as any other opportunities that arise. She has been doing a fantastic job so far, bringing a new perspective and fitting in very well with the team. Please help us to welcome Amanda to the partnership, and feel free to contact her at clouthier@canadianecology.ca!

Click here to view Amanda's profile on our website.

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Group Selection field tour at Algonquin Park
by: Amanda Clouthier

On Tuesday, June 19th, there will be a field tour of two group selection and wildlife research sites in Algonquin Park. This event is being hosted by the AFA, the MNR Southern Science and Information, and the FRP. We will look at two sites where two different group selection prescriptions have been implemented, monitored, marked, cut, and are now being monitored further. Topics for discussion will include prescription setting, tree marking and harvesting from an operational standpoint, and silvicultural effects on seedling and stand development, an operational economics study and wildlife components from a research standpoint. The session will be informal, with lots of time for interacting with researchers and others in the business.

We will be meeting at the Shell station in Whitney at 10:00 am to consolidate vehicles for travel to the site (1/2 an hour away in Bruton Township). Please bring your own field lunch, and dress appropriately as this is a go, rain or shine. We plan to be back in Whitney by 3:00 pm.

If you are interested in this field tour, please contact Nancy Young with a list of participants.

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Hybrid poplar treeplant and tour

Please note: A field tour of this site and a number of other hybrid poplar sites in the New Liskeard/Notre Dame du Nord area is scheduled for July 11th, 2007. Further information will be available on the FRP website www.forestresearch.ca in the coming weeks. If you would like to participate in this event please contact Nancy Young.

To view an article in pdf format click here.

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For information or for registration for this conference click on the following link http://www.forestresearch.ca/Workshops/coming_events.htm

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University of Toronto field camp

Click here to view an article and pictures from the field camp.

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by: Julia Hancock

On April 23rd and 24th, 70 students from regional high schools participated in outdoor activities and educational seminars leading up to yesterday’s environmental science competition. Students from Students participating in soils event at the Regional Envirothon where they had to design a water filtration system out of environmental materials. Widdifield, West Ferris, St. Joseph’s Scollard Hall, and F.J. McElligott spent Monday at the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa learning about LiDar technology, how it is being used with Geographic Information Systems to revolutionize landscape ecosystem management, and hands-on learning focused on different environmental topics. The weather was perfect for the Regional Envirothon on Tuesday. Students were tested on Soils, Wildlife, Aquatics and Forest science.

The competition closed with presentations by each team on Alternative Energy – the theme of this year’s provincial Envirothon. The students were very spirited – cheers could be heard throughout Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park. Winning English (West Ferris Secondary School – The Boone Crew) and French (F.J. McElligott – Eclipse) teams.

The winning French team from F.J. McElligott, “Eclipse” had a very spirited performance. West Ferris teacher Greg Barnes was very proud of his students’ first, second and third place finish in the English competition. Ferris also went home with the Spirit award for their “Eco-commando’s” cheering and academic performance. The winning team, “The Boone Crew,” who were dressed in matching green jump suits, will now represent Nipissing Region at the Provincial Envirothon at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall, ON May 9th-May13th. The Canadian Ecology Centre would like to thank all who participated in the Regional Envirothon, and especially Webb’s Greenhouses in Bonfield for donating white pine seedlings for each student to plant. Good Luck at provincials, Boone Crew!!

Click here for an aditional article about the envirothon written by Martha Mayfield.

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Petawawa Research Forest links




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CIF conference series

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Climate Change Info

Click here to view an article from the MNR on Climate Change.

Click here for an article on "The Ontario Forest Research Institute’s Role in the FRP"

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Tembec wins Forest Leadership award

Click on the link to view the article http://www.forestnewswatch.com/content/view/2675/

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