Al Thorne



Al works at the Tembec office based in Timmins, Ontario. Al is currently the Chief Forester for Tembec in Ontario and has lived here for 1.5 years. His previous experience was primarily in British Columbia for 16 years as well as stops in Alberta and New Brunswick. While in B.C, his experience was varied including stints as a field engineer in coastal B.C, operations supervisor as well as Manager of an Innovative Forest Practices Agreement where the AAC was increased by 10% and environmental conservation was improved as well. We also pioneered a new approach to ecosystem mapping that was used for growth and yield programs and important wildlife values determination. He also spent time working on productivity improvements in the sawmill for 2 years and as a Project Manager for a large sawmill equipment manufacturer. He graduated from UNB in 1990 and is registered as an RPF and P.Eng here in Ontario. He has been married for 17 years to his wife Susan with two children 12 (Emily) and 8 years old (Joe).

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