SFMM Tool Enhancements 120-705

Description:  SFMMTool is an access based software application that is used extensively throughout the Province by forest planners for preparing forest resource inventory information for modeling.  The application provides data management and model input development tools that work with FIM compliant forest inventories. 

Recent Forestry Research Partnership projects related to the development of empirical based yield curves have been peer reviewed and approved for use in Ontario.  This FRP project represents a significant advancement in growth and yield work for forest planning in Ontario and was seen as high priority for ensuring the methodologies were made available to forest practitioners.  In this process, SFMMTool was identified as an ideal mechanism for ensuring technology transfer.  

Extensive use across the Province, an established user-base and training program has made SFMMTool an ideal vehicle for transferring the best available science for model input development to forest planners.  The first accomplishment in this regard was completed in December 2006, when a beta version of SFMMTool was released to regional analysts that allowed users to develop and interact with empirical yield curves based on standard forest units.  This development has pioneered the way for continued advancement of SFMMTool and the inclusion of more peer reviewed science products. 

This project is an extension of the work already completed and includes enhancements to SFMMTool that will improve the empirical basis for developing key modeling inputs.  This project will focus on improvements to the existing empirical yield curve capabilities and succession modeling.  This project will also provide enhancements to the user interface that will help reduce model input error and promote consistencies between assumptions. 

The purpose of this project is to enhance SFMMTool functionality and graphical user interface to provide tools that incorporate the best available science for model input development.   This project will provide enhancements to SFMMTool that will promote consistency in modeling assumptions and reduce model input errors.


The Project Team: Dan Rouillard, OMNR, Hugh Higham, John Parton, Fred Pinto and Murray Woods, OMNR, Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Ltd., and Daniel Kaminski, NaturalLogic.


Status Reports:

Annual Report (2007-2008)

Project Work Report (2007-2008)

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

Status Report (2009-2010)


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