Advanced Inventory and Modeling 120-704

Description: The Advanced Inventory and Modeling (AIM) project stems from a pursuit to improve forest resource inventory and the realization that enhanced forest inventories will in turn promote advancement in modeling techniques and approaches.  This project endeavours to use experience from ongoing inventory technology investigations to forecast the types of inventory enhancements that will soon be practical for extensive use in Ontario and to demonstrate how these enhancements could then be used in forest modeling.  The inclusion of both inventory and modeling in a single project has the very important advantage of ensuring the co-evolution of both inventory and modeling technologies and techniques.  Co-evolution will expedite the transfer of research to practical application.

  • The primary objective of the AIM project is to utilize advanced inventory and modelling techniques to demonstrate the current and developing capabilities of these combined methods to provide forest management decision support that promotes the competitive advantage and economic prosperity of Ontario’s forest industry. Several underlying objectives make up this primary objective and they are listed as follows:
  • To utilize integrated LIDAR and multi-band orthophotography, field sampling, and other regression based model approaches to provide enhanced forest polygon attributes for forest modelling.
  • To develop appropriate stratification methods for Boreal and Great Lakes Forest stand conditions
  • To develop/refine software tools to extract and predict LIDAR based stand metrics to a digital inventory as a stand-alone or integrated ESRI extension.
  • To develop and demonstrate the capabilities of spatially explicit goal programming models such as Patchworks to utilize enhanced forest attributes at the polygon level for strategic and tactical operational planning.
  • To develop and explore the potential of a hierarchical multi-model approach to supply chain management for forest management.
  • To examine potential for forest management planning streamlining opportunities associated with the demonstrated decision support system.

The broad project scope associated with the objectives defined above can be achieved through a two phase project plan. 

The inventory phase of the proposed project deals with utilizing advanced inventory methods to provide enhanced forest attributes for forest resource inventories.  This part of the project will require tasks that continue to refine the methods already developed in small-scale experimentation with the vision of developing techniques for extensive application. 

The modelling component entails the development of models and modelling approaches that utilize the enhanced attributes provided by the inventory component. This part of the project explores the modelling potential provided by enhanced inventory products.  Specifically, methodologies that seek to provide expert decision support to forest management planning and serve to improve the competitive advantage of the forest industry. 


The Project Team: Dan Rouillard, OMNR, Murray Woods, OMNR, and Al Stinson, OMNR-FRP



Pitt, C. and J. Pineau. 2009. Forest inventory research at the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre: Notes from a research coordination workshop, June 3–4, 2009, Pointe Claire, QC. For. Chron. 85: 859-869.



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Annual Report (2007-2008)

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AFRIT Final Report 2011/12

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