SEM LiDAR Enhanced Inventory 120-703

Description: The identification of regenerating area (through texture and height signatures of Lidar returns) on a landbase has large implications to modelling future wood supply levels and community stability. In addition, better attribution of mature forest stand characteristics provides even more critical short term information to assist strategic and operational planning. 

The primary objective of the this project is to utilize advanced inventory and spatial modelling techniques to demonstrate the current and developing capabilities of these combined methods to provide improved forest management decision making.  Several underlying objectives make up this primary objective and they are listed as follows:

  • To utilize integrated LIDAR and multi-band orthophotoghraphy, field sampling, and other regression based model approaches to investigate enhanced forest polygon attributes for forest modelling on forests in Northeastern Ontario.
  • To generate and provide geomatic products identifying silvicultural treated areas of different species (Clear cut plants/seeding – Clagg/Harp) of different ages/heights to compare with previous ground collection efforts  - or to identify where SEM assessments need to be undertaken.
  • To investigate linkages and predictive capability of LiDAR DEM product in the identification of surficial geology features (this could include NOEGETS maps) to support stratification for SEM assessments, site productivity and ecological land classification.
  • To develop innovative geomatic products in conjunction with both the data sets and research targets identified above to support forest management planning and operations needs in collaboration with practitioners.
  • To provide science, technology, and product transfer through a project Extension Workshop in collaboration with the Forestry Research Partnership. 


The Project Team: Murray Woods, OMNR, Dave Etheridge, OMNR



Pitt, C. and J. Pineau. 2009. Forest inventory research at the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre: Notes from a research coordination workshop, June 3–4, 2009, Pointe Claire, QC. For. Chron. 85: 859-869.

Woods, M. et al. 2011. Operational implementation of a LiDAR inventory in Boreal Ontario. For. Chron. 87: 512-528.



Ecologically based bioproducts inventory tools for the boreal forest of Northeastern Ontario - Jeff Dech

120-703 GEOIDE (Pitt 2010)

120-703 GEOIDE (Treitz 2010)

120-703 GEOIDE (Woods 2010)

120-703 GEOIDE - Planning for Cariboo

AFRIT Poster 2009


Supporting Materials:

120-703 Minutes - GEOIDE Meeting


Status Reports:

Annual Report (2007-2008)

Project Work Report (2007-2008)

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

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