Hydrology and Wetlands Project 120-503

Description: This project is a leading edge examination of LiDAR use in hydrology and wetland mapping. The project compliments and builds on the Enhanced Inventory Project by allowing a thorough examination of high resolution digital imagery and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data as a tool to improve the integration of hydrological values into forest management planning.

Site specific data collection provided through the Enhanced Inventory project has led to the develoment of a ground surface Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in the Romeo Malette Forest and on the the Stringer and Mykis Lake watersheds in Algonquin Park. These new, more accurate and higher resolution DEM datasets resulting from the Enhanced Forest Inventory Project have allowed tests of existing software such as TAS, TauDEM or MicroDEM to predict the location of hydrologic features such as intermittent streams, drainage basins, zones of surface saturation, and wetlands, on these specific sites. This in turn has led to a comparison of the results with analyses using traditional OBM data.

In summary, the opportunity to refine and then compare hydrological outputs based on a more accurate and precise (higher resolution) digital elevation model than that already in use at specific Boreal and GLSL sites will be an outcome of the project. This will lead to the application of the new technology at a larger scale across the forested region, if cost-benefit and improved forest management is clearly established.


The Project Team: Jim Buttle, Trent University, James Holland and Ran Maher, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Mark Partington and Mark Ryans, FERIC, Adam Hogg and Murray Woods, OMNR, and Paul Courville, FRP.



Remmel, T.K., Todd, K.W. and J. Buttle. 2008. A comparison of existing surficial hydrological data layers in a low-relief forested Ontario landscape with those derived from a LiDAR DEM. For. Chron. 84: 850-865.



LiDAR for Hydrologic Mapping - Presentation

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