MNR/FRP Romeo Malette Pilot 120-501

Description: The FRP has initiated a series of demonstration areas designed to operationally validate new and ongoing FRP products. These demonstration areas are the first on-the-ground manifestation of the FRP's strategy to increase wood supply in an ecologically sustainable context and will serve to close the loop on the adaptive management process adopted by the FRP as its science foundation. With the aim of maximizing productivity on these carefully selected "prime" sites, FRP products are being incorporated and implemented with existing state-of-the-art knowledge and tolls as harvest-to-harvest sequences of silvicultural best-practices. This systematic approach will integrate advanced planning, intensive silviculture, enhanced protection, and thorough monitoring to create flagship illustrations of how silviculture can be used to improve, restore, and diversify Ontario's forests. As such, this project aims to act as a catalyst for enhanced productivity on the Romeo Malette Forest and other forests across Ontario.

The project team is working to merge high-tech inventory with leading-edge forest modeling and silvicultural science with operational practice, to set the standard for the credible implementation of enhanced forest productivity. Specifically, integrated harvest-to-harvest sequences of best practices are being implemented that include components such as:

1. State of the art spatial modeling to aid in prime site selection.

2. Enhanced forest inventory to optimize operational planning, including block and road engineering.

3. Careful, high-utilization logging

4. Thorough mechanical and/or chemical site preparation

5. Timely planting or high quality stock, including the best genetics available and species matched to microsite.

6. Timely and effective vegetation management.

7. Density regulation defined by long-term crop plans.

Within each of these components, new knowledge and tools are being fully implemented to operationally test and validate their integrity.

Enhanced Forest Productivity demonstration areas resulting from this effort will provide a mechanism for incremental refinements through adaptive management by presenting transparent testing grounds for operationally validating current and ongoing FRP products. These areas are also serving to provide working models of enhanced wood supply areas, enabling the feedback and interaction amongst public, corporate, and professional stakeholders necessary for identifying solutions for broader regional and provincial implementation. In the long term, these areas will help validate the productivity gains being modeled to mitigate wood supply losses associated with Ontario's Living Legacy and fulfill wood-supply sharing goals of the Room to Grow Strategy by generating growth and yield data for stands managed under harvest-to-harvest sequences of silvicultural best practices. In short, the enhanced Forest Productivity demonstration areas will contribute to the knowledge and experience necessary to address the very real and imminent wood shortages that face forest industry today.

The Project Team: Doug Pitt, Canadian Forest Service, Jeff Leach and Sue Pickering, Tembec, Scott McPherson and Mac Kilgour, OMNR, Sue Millson, Mark Joron, and Jeff Morris, Millson Forestry Service, Al Stinson, MNR-FRP



Synthesis of forest-bird habitat requirements with reference to forest management planning in Ontario (October, 2009)

Thompson, D.G. and D.G. Pitt. 2003. A review of Canadian forest vegetation management research
and practice. Ann. For. Sci. 60: 559–572.


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