Yield Curve Refinement Northeastern and Southern Ontario 120-304

Description: Forest yield predictions in Ontario have relied on Plonski's normal yield tables for almost 50 years. These tables provide yield information for fully stocked, even-aged, pure species, undisturbed stands. In 2000, the FRP initiated a project to derive empirical yield curves appropriate for use in forest management planning based on permanent sample plot data. The yield curves represent natural and plantation origin stands in support of Ontario's Forest Unit (FU) planning unit. The yield curves build on the thousands of permanent sample plots (PSP's) established over a wider range of conditions than those of Plonski. Using permanent sample plot data from provincial, federal, and industrial sources, stand level empirical yield curves were developed for the major forest types. The plots represent a range of sites and conditions with many being measured for more than 40 years. The yield curves quantify the changes in standing timber (size and quantity) as a result of different management practices. The management intensities modeled include natural regeneration, planting and density regulation (thinning).

The objective of this project was to produce and refine stand level yield curves for the standard forest units for a range of management intensities. The curves are based on a statistical analysis of the best available data - mainly from permanent sample plots in Ontario and Quebec. The resulting yield curves provide an objective and defensible summary of the trends observed in our forests.

The Project Team: Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Ltd., Murray Woods, OMNR, John Parton, OMNR, Al Stinson, MNR-FRP.


Papers (Special Issue of the Forestry Chronicle):

Penner, M. 2008. Yield prediction for mixed species stands in boreal Ontario. For. Chron. 84: 1-7.

Sharma, M. et al. 2008. Ontario’s forest growth and yield modelling program: Advances resulting from the Forestry Research Partnership. For. Chron. 84: 694-703.

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Technical Notes/ Reports:

Report: Validation of Empirical Yield Curves for Ontario (Penner, 2006)


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Site Index Curves


Status Reports:

Annual Report (2007-2008)

Status Report (2009-2010)

Status Report (2010-2011)


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