Northeast Core Team Meeting Focuses on Density Management and Thinning


On October 1st the FRP’s Superior Core Team met in Chapleau to focus on boreal forest commercial thinning. Presentations by Ken Lennon of OMNR Northeast Science and Information, Peter Newton and Doug Pitt of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, and Denis Gagnon of OMNR Northeast Region Planning, as well as a field tour of thinning trials in Mageau Township north of Chapleau, were part of the session. The event was focused and well attended, and helped to clarify and highlight the tools and science around stand density management, and promote the use of pre-commercial and commercial thinning as viable silvicultural options in the boreal forest.


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Mageau Township Commercial Thinning Trial - Ken Lennon


Density Management Decision-support Systems for Boreal Conifers - Peter Newton


Commercial thinning in Spruce - some lessons from the Maritimes and Scandinavia- Doug Pitt