Our Mission:

...to identify, develop and implement ecologically sustainable and scientifically defensible leading edge forestry practices required to maintain and enhance an economically viable supply of quality fibre to Tembec mills, and to the communities those mills support, over the long term.

Our Mandate:

The primary target of the Forestry Research Partnership is to identify technology and techniques to allow Tembec to increase the annual allowable cut (AAC) on its licence areas by 10% within 10 years. This target is to be achieved in the context of ecological sustainability, reduced operational costs, improved fibre utilization and enhanced future fibre quality.

The Forestry Research Partnership is made up of four levels with activities within each level governing the activities of the level below, and contributing to the accuracy and validity of the levels above.

  • The corporate level will establish the goals and objectives of the Partnership in the context of the missions and mandates of its primary partners.
  • At the landscape level, forest management planning and land use policies address large-scale issues. The tools normally used to meet land use and forest management planning requirements will be refined and validated through activities undertaken at this level.
  • The use of proven silvicultural tools at the stand level, implemented at an appropriate scale across the landscape, provides the basis for meeting corporate level wood supply objectives.
  • Projects undertaken at the tree level are focused on the biological performance of individual trees. These projects will promote the maximum potential return from downstream silviculture activities, while ensuring that fibre produced through intensive silviculture will retain its competitive value when harvested.


The success and value of the Forestry Research Partnership will be measured by the degree to which it demonstrates:

  • Certainty around current and future wood supply availability.
  • Shareholder and taxpayer value for money spent.
  • A effective Science Partnership that promotes good science and enlightened forest policy not only for Tembec and Ontario, but also for other companies and jurisdictions across Canada.