NE ON Enhanced Forest Productivity Pilot 120-203

Description: The objectives of the Northeastern Ontario Enhanced Forest Productivity Pilot Study were:

1. To design, develop and test the elements of a long-term business plan that will project supply and demand imbalances over time and assess the levels of investment effort and resources in enhancing forest productivity. This business plan will become part of a template for use in other parts of Ontario, when the Intensive Forest Management program is implemented provincially.

2. To design, develop, negotiate and implement Candidate Intensive Forest Management Areas for the two pilot FMU's, namely the Romeo Malette and the Gordon Cosens Forests.

3. To forecast the effects of a suite of IFM treatments on forest productivity and sustainability. These treatments will be coordinated to ensure that the enhanced productivity objectives of a conifer IFM program complement those of a poplar IFM program.

4. To examine the potential application of enhanced forest productivity to the implementation of the Room to Grow framework produced by the Ontario Forest Accord Advisory Board (OFAAB)

The spatial model Patchworks was used to model the effects of various IFM interventions on future allowable harvest levels on the two Tembec Forests


The Project Team: George Bruemmer, Tembec, John Cary, R.P.F, Tom Moore, Spatial Planning Systems, Chuck Mason, R.P.F



Enhanced Forest Productivity Risk Analysis Process Guidebook (October, 2002) 

Gordon Cosens Enhanced Forest Productivity Risk Analysis (Draft Report, January, 2005) 



Patchworks IFM options for Gordon Cosens Forest

Patchworks IFM options for Romeo Malette Forest

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