Gordon Cosens PSP Partnership 120-002

Description: A permanent sample plot (PSP) is a randomly defined geographical location within a forest where researchers and technicians collect detailed measurements and data relating to the trees and vegetation that are present. Consistently designed, carefully installed, and routinely re-measured over time, PSP's provide data and information that allows for the evaluation and prediction of forest growth, and the monitoring of changes in the forest. Both government regulatory agencies, and the forest industry use permanent sample plots to ensure that harvest levels are sustainable.


The permanent sample plot data collected through the Gordon Cosens PSP Partnership will serve both Tembec and the OMNR by forming a solid base in the development of better forest growth predictions for forest management planning. The data collected from from PSP's in the Gordon Cosens Forest and other sustainable forest licenses in Ontario will also help foresters to better understand the differences between the growth rates of managed versus unmanaged forest stands, and to develop the best possible practices for intensive forest management programs.

The Project Team: John Parton, Growth and Yield Program Leader, Northeast Science and Information, OMNR, Jeff Leach, Planning Technologist for the Kapuskasing area, Tembec, and Diane Miller of the Forest Ecosystem Science Cooperative.


Supporting Materials:

PSP Layout

PSP Locations


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