Data Set Standardization and Validation 120-001

Description: This study will standardize digital information from a number of data sets in order to facilitate the analysis of information, the modeling of future yields, and the evaluation of forest response to management interventions between and among different management units. The current configuration of the various data sets does not allow an 'apples to apples' analysis between management units. The easy manipulation and analysis of large amounts of data across a broad regional landscape is a fundamental requirement for meaningful long range planning. The Gordon Cosens Forest, the Smooth Rock Falls Forest, the Moose River Management Unit and the Romeo Malette Forest are the first of Tembec's management units to be standardized. Other units will follow in subsequent years. The data set is being built on the existing Ontario Base Map (OBM) and Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) data sets with additional layers and/or modifications to exixsting layers being made as required in consultation with management unit staff.

The Project Team: Chad St. Amand - Tembec

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