Loni Pierce

Loni Pierce recently moved to Mattawa from the west coast of BC to participate in a 12 month internship with the CIF and FRP. She is a graduate of Vancouver Island University as a Forest Resources Technologist, and has begun working towards her Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Prior to working for the CIF Loni held a position on their Vancouver Island section council, and is very happy to continue being a part of the organization.

Loni first became interested in forestry while travelling around Australia, and hopes to one day return there to view their cloud forests more extensively. In the meantime she is very excited to be based out of the CEC and to learn all that she can about various aspects of forestry.  She is particularly interested in communications and administration and the flow of information. Strongly believing that each individual can make a positive difference, if only they have the knowledge to do so, Loni hopes to influence policies and programs to support this concept.


Contact Information:

Loni Pierce, Social Media and Program Coordinator

The Canadian Institute of Forestry

c/o The Canadian Ecology Centre

P.O. Box 99, 6905 Hwy. 17 West

Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0

Tel: +1 (705) 744 - 1715 ext 530

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