Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest Science Seminar
April 17 & 18, 2012
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
April 17:

Forest Policy and Science: A Marriage Made in ... the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest - Joe Churcher, Forest Branch, OMNR

FPInnovations' Resource Assessment Program in the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence: An Update - Guy Smith, CWFC

Advanced Forest Resource Inventory Decision Support Tools- Using LiDAR to Inform Decision Making - Murray Woods, SSI- OMNR

Establishing a Sustainable Harvest Method for Canada Yew in Ontario - Tom Noland, OFRI, OMNR

White Pine Uniform Shelterwood Study on the French-Severn Forest – Effect of First Removal Cut on White Pine Regeneration and Residual Overstory Trees - Andree Morneault, SSI, OMNR

Winning Strategies for Regenerating White Pine - Mike Hoepting, CWFC

Red Oak Silvicultural Study on the Nipissing Forest - Regeneration Response to Tending Using Brush Saws and Herbicides - Andree Morneault, SSI, OMNR

Group and Single-tree Selection in Tolerant Hardwoods - The Trees and the Birds and the Bees - Ken Elliott, SSI, OMNR

Management Options for Even-aged Yellow Birch- Results and Implications From a Recent Thinning Study - Scott McPherson, SSI, OMNR

The Relative Influence of the Physical Environment, Biological Interactions and Disturbances on Plant Species Richness in Boreal and Temperate Forests - Wayne Bell, OFRI, OMNR

The Algoma Highlands Conservancy: A Brief Overview of Some Recent Initiatives - Dean Thompson, Algoma Highlands Conservancy

April 18:

Ontario Forest Biofibre: Yours to Discover - Joe Maure, Forest Bioeconomy Unit, OMNR

Biomass Harvesting in the GLSL Forest - Brian Batchelor, Consultant

An Overview of Active Biomass Harvest Research Trials in Ontario - Al Stinson, SSI, OMNR

Bioenergy, soil productivity and the biodiversity in the Northeast Superior Forest Community - Paul Hazlett, CFS - NRCan

Guideline Exceptions for Full-Tree Harvesting in Shelterwood Regeneration Cuts: Results from Recent Monitoring - Scott McPherson, SSI, OMNR

Biomass Processing in the GLSL Forest - Brian Batchelor, Consultant

Heavy Consequences of Moisture Content on Biomass for Energy - Brad Sutherland, FPInnovations

Grinding and Harvesting Slash Piles: A Contractor’s Perspective - J.P. Martin,  Sturgeon Falls Brush and Contracting Ltd.









April 18: