Ontario Hardwood Initiative 130-901

 Description: This project is investigating the potential opportunities presented by biomass harvesting in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence forest region. The  study is linked with the  Eastern Canada Hardwood Initiative, and the Biomass Impacts and Opportunities project being lead by the Ontario Forest Research Institute. The study is designed to partner with local industry and explore opportunities to  transform their operations to  include production of conventional products as well as forest biomass and thus make them more competitive. In addition, this project is helping determine potential benefits and risks of biomass harvesting. The project will deliver short term product recovery and productivity information relative to integrated biomass harvesting operations in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence forest region. In the long term the project will investigate the environmental impacts and sustainability of integrated forest biomass operations.

This project began with the development of the Algoma Biomass Study site, and now includes another study site located at the Petawawa Research Forest. The Algoma site is investigating biomass harvest in tolerant hardwood ecosystems, while the Petawawa site is investigating biomass harvest operations in a mixed-wood white pine restoration setting.


Project Team: Suzanne Wetzel- CWFC, Jeff Fera-CWFC, Trevor Jones- OFRI, Denis Cormier & Mark Ryans, FPInnovations – Feric Divisions, Tom Croswell & Nathan Mudge – Clergue Forest Management, Marc Dube & Kerry Sinibaldi – St. Marys, Al Stinson – Forest Research Partnership


Related Project: 130-902


Supporting Materials:

Petawawa Research Forest Biomass Study Area Map


Status Reports:

Status Report (2009-2010)

Algoma Biomass Study Proposal, 2010

Algomas Progress Report, Sept 2010

Petawawa Research Forest Biomass Harvest Trial Component Proposal, 2011

Petawawa Research Forest Biomass Harvest Trial Desciption


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