FRP Science Seminar - Caribou Conservation Plan  |  November 12th 2009   | Timmins, ON

Given the designation of woodland caribou as a species at risk in Ontario, there is a need for forest management strategies that mitigate possible impact on woodland caribou populations, particularly specific herds determined to be in decline; and that potentially promote the creation and maintenance of suitable caribou habitat.

While attempts to modify forest management practices in an attempt to mitigate the effects of timber harvesting on woodland caribou is nothing new, in northeastern Ontario, woodland caribou habitat management efforts have focused on minimizing disturbance of core caribou range and attempting to ensure connectivity of suitable habitat. While regional direction for forest management plans in woodland caribou range in northeastern Ontario are currently being developed, this past November the Superior Core Team brought together academics, experts, forest professionals, ENGO’s and government scientists in an attempt to provide direction for forest management relating to woodland caribou in the interim.

The one-day event showcased presentations by Greg Lucking and Mick Gauthier of the OMNR, John Fryxell and Troy McMullin from the University of Guelph and Ian Thompson from the Canadian Forest Service (NRCan). The facilitated discussion and dialogue that occurred during this gathering; as well as, existing literature has lead to the development of a technical note (FRP - Tree Tip) intent on improving understanding of the woodland caribou conservation plan and associated current and planned research – and its application to sustainable forest management planning and operations. 


1)      Ontario’s Caribou Conservation Plan (CCP): An Introduction and Overview – Greg Lucking

2)      Ontario woodland caribou Population Viability Assessment – John Fryxell

3)      Effects of Silvicultural Practices on the Woodland Caribou’s Winter Food Supply in Ontario – Troy McMullin

4)      Ontario Woodland Caribou Research Project – Ian Thompson

5)      Forest Dwelling Woodland Caribou in NE Ontario – Mick Gauthier

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