Marten Den Sites - 140-704

Description: This Project complements ongoing marten research in the boreal forest of northern Ontario. Previous studies have focused on many aspects of marten ecology at the landscape and stand scales, including predator-prey relationships, genetics, behaviour, home range characteristics, dispersal, and habitat use, among others. They have investigated habitat use at the scales identified above but have not focused on denning, den sites, or the adjacent habitat. This project will look at an interesting component of marten ecology and habitat use and will add value to the larger marten research project.

The objectives of this study are:

  • To identify natal and maternal den sites used by radio-collared adult female martens in the Gordon Cosens Forest near Kapuskasing, Ontario.
  • To quantify the structural characteristics of forest stands where the natal and maternal den sites are located
  • To determine whether the forest around natal and maternal den sites exhibits structural characteristics that differ from similar areas where denning did not occur
  • To develop a model to predict the likelihood that denning will occur at a particular site based on structural characteristics of the surrounding forest.


The Project Team:  Steve Mills, OMNR, Ian Thompson, CFS, Jim Baker, OMNR, Bob Watt, OMNR



Marten Den Sites - Boreal Seminar 2008

Characterizing American Marten Den Sites in Managed Forests of Ontario, Canada-  Northern Furbearer Conference 2011


Status Reports:

Characterizing Marten Natal Den Sites in Managed Forests - Project Proposal

Status Report (2007-2008)

Project Work Report (2007-2008)

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

Status Report (2010-2011)


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