Marten Core Project - 140-402

Description: The Forest Management Guidelines for the Provision of Marten Habitat (hereafter referred to as the Marten Guide) requires the retention of suitable habitat in large (30-50 km2) contiguous blocks called Marten Cores. A large study involving radio-tagged martens is being conducted near Red Lake and Kapuskasing to evaluate assumptions in the Marten Guide (hereafter referred to as the larger marten study). The larger marten study is evaluating a number of alternative hypotheses concerning the influence of habitat quality on the dynamics and persistence of marten populations. The larger marten study will help refine current understanding of what determines habitat suitability and how habitat quality and quantity influence the persistence of martens on large landscapes. Information from the larger marten study will ultimately be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Marten Guide.

Trappers often raise concerns about the impact of forest management activities on marten harvests. Although the Marten Guide (and knowledge gained from the larger marten study) may ensure the persistence of martens on broad landscapes, the Marten Guide does not define how much suitable habitat must be maintained on individual traplines, or in what size patches. Understanding the relationship between habitat supply (amount and pattern) on traplines and trapper harvest is a necessary component of evaluating the effectiveness of the Marten Guide.

This project proposes to document the relationship between marten harvests and the supply of suitable habitat in Marten Cores on traplines across the boreal and transition forests (i.e., areas where the Marten Guide is applied). Results from this study, along with those from the larger marten study (as mentioned above), will be available to evaluate the effectiveness of the Marten Guide and may be used during development of the new Landscape Guide.


The Project Team: Brian Naylor, OMNR, Jim Baker, Neil Dawson, Linda Dix-Gibson, Bob Watt, OMNR, John Fryxell, University of Guelph, Brian Nicks, Domtar, Ian Thompson, CFS



Report (2005): Evaluating the Importance of Marten Cores to Trapper Harvests: Final Report for Phase 1



Evaluating the importance of marten cores to trapper harvests


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