Historic Forest Condition - 140-401

Description: The study involves the use of historic Ontario Land Surveyor records to quantify the description of the forest before settlement occurred. Currently, the presettlement composition of forests in parts of central Ontario has been described. A description of the presettlement forest is a legal requirement for the preparation of a Forest Management Plan for public lands in Ontario.  It is also a requirement for certification under the Forest Stewardship Certification system. The description of the presettlement forest is used in developing biodiversity, old growth and restoration objectives and strategies in forest management plans. There is desire by both the MNR and forest product companies to continue this work for forests that have not already been described. Both the MNR and forest products companies have provided funds and in-kind contributions for the work. The purpose of the study is to provide a description of the presettlement forest tree species composition for various forests in Ontario.


The Project Team: Fred Pinto, OMNR, Michael Gluck, OMNR, Stephen Romaniuk, OMNR, Matt Ferguson, OMNR



Thompson, I.D., Simard, J.H. and R.D. Titman. 2006. Historical Changes in White Pine (Pinus strobus L.) Density in Algonquin Park, Ontario, During the 19th Century. Natural Areas Journal 26: 61-71.

Pinto, F., Romaniuk, S. and M. Ferguson. 2008. Changes to preindustrial forest tree composition in cental and northeastern Ontario, Canada. Can.J.Res. 38: 1842-1854.


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