ULERN Bio Energy Project - 130-802

Description: This project will result in the establishment of four woody crop bioenergy plantations across northern Ontario. Multiple strains of fast growing willow that reach harvestable size within 3 years, will be established on underutilized agricultural land. Once harvested these trees coppice or grow back so that they can be reharvested for 20 years before replanting is required. The land base is available for northern Ontario owing to downturns in many agricultural crop markets, and farms are seeking alternative crops for thei lands. ULERN will be working with forest industry, communities and research parter to:

  • Determine which willow strains grow best in which areas- willow has been gound to offer the greatest potention i nnorthern climates, but specific strains need to be indentifiedso the industry can prosper
  • Determine best practices for establishing, maintaining and harvesting trees, that will support strong business cases for growers seeking financing
  • Work with investment partners across the North to establish more plantations, supported by the "How to Guides" and workshops delivered under this project.

Bioenergy wood crop plantations can help answer the North's need for renewable, reliable and low cost source for energy and value-added products. This project provides the opportunity for NOHFC to demonstrate leadership in bioenergy initiatives accross Northern Ontario.


The Project Partners: The project is led by ULERN in collaboration with industry (Tembec, Villeneuve Construction, St. Marys Paper), communities (Hearst, Sault Ste. Marie) and researchers (Ontario Forest Research Institute, Great Lakes Forestery Centre).


Status Reports:

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

Status Report (2009-1010)

Project Synopsis: Assessing the Production of Bioenergy and Value-added Products from Fast Growing Plantations in Northern Ontario


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