Petawawa Research Forest Projects - 130-505

Description: Field experiments and permanent sample plots within the Petawawa Research Forest or on nearby adjacent lands are providing opportunities to assess such factors as white pine residual tree growth after thinning, red pine plantation growth and wood products produced after a range of spacing and thinning treatments, and white pine regeneration growth and development following thinning and site preparation. These sites are well utilized for field tours. Work activities during the 2008/2009 period will focus on the NSERC ForestValueNet white spruce field research and on publishing the annotated bibliography on white and red pine. Further, these activities complement new research initiatives under way within the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre.


Work completed 2007-2008 :  The project focused on completing the Annotated Bibliography on red and white pine and a Tree Tip publication on white pine release. The Annotated Bibliography was completed including adding papers that were published in 2007, and the draft bibliography will be sent out for peer review in fall 2008. The Tree Tip on white pine release was completed and will be submitted for publication.
In addition, The set up of Lidar was coordinated to assessment plots within the Petawawa Research Forest in cooperation with Murray Woods. The team also cooperated with Suzanne Wetzel and Doug Pitt in the re-measurement of the Cartier Lake Regeneration Study research plots at Petawawa.
Furthermore, the team participated in the writing of an NSERC proposal on the effects of spacing and thinning on fibre quality of boreal tree species (Theme One of a ForestValueNet proposal). It was funded and a portion of this research will be completed at Petawawa in cooperation with Dr. John Caspersen from the University of Toronto.


The Project Team: Darwin Burgess, Craig Robinson, Alison Munson and Fred Pinto



Annotated bibliography of eastern white (Pinus strobus L.) and red pine (P. resinosa Ait.): 1960–2007. 


Tree Tips:

Tree Tip: Release of Mid-rotation Pine in Pine-Mixedwoods Significantly Accelerates Growth


Status Reports:

Status Report (2007-2008)

Project Work Report (2007-2008)

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)


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