Green River PCT Remeasurement  - 130-403

Description: The forestry community in the northeast currently faces a critical shortage of long-term growth and yield data for managed stand conditions.  Such data are essential for risk/benefit analyses in decision-making related to intensifying forest management and, as such, are important for forest management planning.  Long-term growth and structural responses are also required for documenting the sustainability of specific silvicultural practices, such as pre-commercial thinning (PCT). 

The Green River PCT thinning trials, installed in northwestern New Brunswick by the Canadian Forest Service between 1959 and 1967, provide a unique opportunity for the acquisition of 40-year growth response trends for balsam fir – white spruce mixtures under a range of thinning intensities.  The trials, which consist of 5 experimental blocks, each containing 3 thinning spacings (1.25-m, 1.88-m, and 2.50-m) and an unthinned control, have been remeasured every five years, through to 30 years post-thinning.  A 6th, unreplicated block contains plots thinned from 0.62-m to 5-m spacing in 0.62-m increments.  To the credit of personnel at Nexfor Fraser Papers Inc. and N.B. Department of Natural Resources and Energy, these plots have been carefully protected through the years and remain undisturbed. 

We propose to (1) conduct a remeasurement of these plots (summer 2004), (2) undertake a thorough statistical analysis of the entire data set (winter 2005), (3) formulate recommendations for further research on these sites (spring 2005), and (4) complete a peer-reviewed publication of the results (draft fall 2005).  Data from these efforts will be extremely valuable in calibrating managed stand yield curves and density management diagrams for fir-spruce mixtures (e.g., Margaret Penner’s work with the FRP)


The Project Team: Doug Pitt, CFS (GLSL), Len Lanteigne, CFS (AFC) along with a number of other collaborators including Nexfor Fraser Papers Inc., and J.D. Irving Limited.



Pitt, D. and L. Lantelgne. 2008. Long-term outcome of  precommercial thinning in northwestern New Brunswick: growth and yield of balsam fir and red spruce. Can. J. For. Res. 38: 592-610.

Pelletier, G. and D.G. Pitt. 2008. Silvicultural responses of two spruce plantations to midrotation commercial thinning in New Brunswick. Can. J. For. Res. 38: 851-867.


Green River PCT Boreal Seminar Presentation 2008

Green River Precommercial Thinning Trials: The Legacy Continues... (poster)


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