Meridian Rd. Silvicultural Area - 130-304

Description: The Meridian Rd. White Pine Silviculture Study is a 27-ha field study set up in three 110-year old natural white pine (Pinus strobus L.) stands to examine the effects of partial cutting, site preparation and underplanting using a complete randomized block design with four replicates. Three thinning (control, one-crown and two-crown spacing) and four site preparation (control, scarification, brush control using herbicide, and both scarification and brush control using herbicide) treatments were applied using a complete factorial split-plot design. White pine seedlings were underplanted in subplots within all 48 treatment plots. Regeneration surveys were completed annually during the first three years and 5 years after treatment. Regeneration surveys will be completed after 10-years in 2004 A sample of natural and planted white pine seedlings was harvested to characterize growth and nutrient uptake after three and five years. Ion exchange resin bags were used to assess soil nutrient availability in years three and five. Other environmental conditions were monitored and recorded throughout the growing season in years three and five and they are running throughout most of the growing season in 2004. Field dataloggers with several types of environmental sensors were installed. Early results showed that the density of natural regeneration was increased markedly by use of scarification timed with a good seed year. Growing conditions were improved and white pine seedling growth was greatest following thinning, scarification and brush control.

This study includes three sub projects:

1) Meridian Rd

2) PSP measurements

3) Data management.

The project will permit the collection and analysis of 10th year results on a unique, well designed, and scientifically sound research study on white pine regeneration.  The data from this study will provide critical links between silvicultural treatments and the success of white pine regeneration. This study contains a suite of treatments that match current silvicultural guide recommendations for regeneration of white pine and associated species. The study is well documented, with stand and plot descriptions and locations, maps/aerial photographs, treatment history, and clean datasets.


The Project Team:  Darwin Burgess, Craig Robinson, CFS, Andree Morneault, OMNR


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