Commercial Thinning in AECL - 130-211

Description: Red pine is an ideal species for planting in plantations on sandy sites in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forest. A pioneer species, red pine does not require partial shade, is relatively pest-free, grows rapidly with good form, and provides high value products if managed correctly. This study sought to compare the growth and yield of red pne under a variety of spacing and thinning treatments on two plantations a few hundred metres apart near Chalk River, Ontario.


The Project Team:  Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Inc., Darwin Burgess, Craig Robinson, and Steve D'Eon, CFS - Petawawa Research Forest, and Tony Zhang, Forintek Canada Corp.

Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Inc.


Tree Tips:

Tree Tip for Project 130-211, February 2006



Commercial Thinning of Red Pine in AECL 50 Year results


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