Synthesis of Hardwood Research - 130-108

Description: The goal of the Synthesis of Tolerant Hardwood Research Project is to gather descriptive information about ongoing and historical central Ontario hardwood silviculture studies, then to prioritize these studies based on their original objectives and design, and their potential to contribute science-based results to today’s forest management needs. Information collected in this project will be entered into an MS Access database and made available in on-line and compact disc formats. Sugar maple will be the primary focus, but yellow birch and red oak will be included. Project support comes from the OMNR, Canadian Forest Service, Tembec (through the Forestry Research Partnership), and Domtar.

If this project is able to identify even a few key tolerant hardwood studies, it will help the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Tembec, and Domtar to avoid some of the high costs associated with establishing new, and possibly redundant research. It may also help to capture some of the previous investment in many older trials, data collection programs, and research projects and experiments. This could lead to improved and innovative tolerant hardwood forest management recommendations that are based on long-term, scientifically-sound methods in a much shorter time than would be possible with the development of a new study.

There is no doubt that the synthesis of tolerant hardwood research could make a significant contribution to the Forestry Research Partnership’s goal of a sustainable increase in annual allowable cut across Tembec forest licenses of 10% over the next 10 years. A tolerant hardwood research database will be of practical use to many central Ontario forest managers.


The Project Team: Bill Cole, OFRI, Andree Morneault, OMNR, Don Farintosh, OMNR.



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Project Overview, 2001


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