Old-Trial Remeasurement for IFM - 130-103

Description: The objectives of this project were to re-measure well designed forest management research within Ontario, for the purposes of quantifying the effects of forest management practices on: 1) fibre production, 2) tree species and structural diversity,and 3) early succession. In addition, the data will be used to validate early height and diameter growth models for Boreal and GLSL conifers and quantify the free-to-grow ratings.

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The Project Team: Wayne Bell, OFRI, Al Stinson, MNR-FRP, Art Groot, CFS, Andree Morneault, OMNR, Bill Parker, OFRI, Fred Pinto, OMNR, Doug Pitt, CFS, Craig Robinson, CFS, Bill Towill, OMNR, Suzanne Wetzel, CFS, John Winters, OFRI.



Dampier, J.E.E., Luckai, N., Bell, F.W. and W.D. Towill. 2007. Do tree-level monocultures develop following Canadian boreal silviculture? Tree-level diversity tested using a new method. Biodivers. Conserv. 16: 2933-2948.



Wharncliffe White Pine Study Update (2000-2004)

Growth Projections with VMAP Boreal Seminar Boreal Seminar (2008)


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