PSP Program - 130-102

Description: The determination of sustainable harvest levels, and the identification of optimal timing for silvicultural intervention, requires local estimates of forest growth and yield. Acquiring precise information on forest growth and yield is best achieved through the establishment and periodic re-measurement of permanent sample plots (PSP's). Over the past 70 years, numerous PSP's have been established within the landbase presently licensed to Tembec, and these historic plots offer a unique opportunity to define the growth characteristics and stand dynamics of several relevant forest cover types and soil/site conditions. Many of these historic plots were measured over a 30 - 50 year time frame, but did not contain enough information to derive an ecosite label. Reactivating these plots allows these deficiencies to be addressed and permits the capture of 50 years or more of data on growth and stand succession.

An example of a PSP

The desired outcome of the project is to enhance the plot-based network to monitor intensive forest management (IFM) treatments. The Province of Ontario has invested heavily in the development of a standardized approach towards the collection of comprehensive ecologically based forest growth and yield data. Companies in the forest products sector and the OMNR have joined in a co-operative effort to establish permanent and temporary sampling stations for long-term assessment of the temporal and spatial nature of various forest ecosystem components. This project endeavoured to extend the ground-based plot network for monitoring and measuring treatment response, and to reactivate and remeasure existing plots and experimental (management) trials (e.g. fertilization, girdling, thinning, spacing).

To date, a total of 510 permanent growth plots (about 170 PSP's) have been established or re-measured in the project. The product is a web-based repository of forest research plots and trials with accurate locations.

***The FRP gratefully acknowledges the leadership and management of the Forest Ecosystem Science Co-operative Inc. (Forest Co-op) with respect to PSP related projects in Ontario. Click here (www.forestco-op.ca) for more information.***

The Project Team: Murray Woods and John Parton, OMNR, Darwin Burgess, CFS, Scott Jones, OMNR, Peter Newton, CFS, Art Groot, CFS.



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Status Reports:
Status Report (2007-2008)

Project Work Report (2007-2008)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

Status Report (2009-2010)

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