Inventory Modeling (SFMM) to Identify IFM Options - 130-010

Description: The objective of this project was to use Ontario's Strategic Forest Management Model (SFMM) to determine the wood fibre volume required to achieve a 10% increase in allowable cut within 10 years for major commercial tree species harvested on Tembec's license areas, and on the Nipissing Forest. This project compared what is required (the 10/10 objective) against what is possible (potential increased yield on a defined landbase). Different combinations of landbase size, treatment yields by different species and renewal intensities have been tested and evaluated in a continuing adaptive process requiring multiple iterations. This ultimately led to the identification of the best combination of land base, species and treatments required to achieve the FRP's 10/10 objective on specific forests (Romeo Mallette, Gordon Cosens, and Nipissing).

The project was a success, and indicated that the following intensive forest managment options are best bets to achieve the 10/10 objective:

1. Using more precise growth and yield curves for the NEBIE renewal intensities.

2. More specific delineation of forest reserve requirements on the landscape using spatial modeling (PatchWorks)

3. More specific delineation of forest road requirements on the landscape using spatial modeling (PatchWorks)

4. Elite plantation establishment using genetically improved stock

5. Pre-commercial and commercial thinning regimes

6. More protection of high valued stands against natural losses

7. More precise stratification of landbase into appropriate renewal intensities (NEBIE).

The mix and intensity of these activities varies from management unit to management unit. Options have been developed for the Gordon Cosens, the Romeo Mallette, and the Nipissing Forests.


The Project Team: Colin Arlidge, MITIG Forestry Services, Rob Davis, OMNR


Report: Comparison of New FRP Yield Curves on Multiple Tembec Forests in NE Ontario (March 10, 2003)


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