Benchmark Yield Curves - 130-009

Description: Growth and yield curves are mathematical and graphical representations of wood fibre volume that treest within a forest stand accumulate or add-on over time, in essence, a growth/time trajectory for trees. These growth and yield curves usually provide a good estimate of wood fibre volume that can be expected from individual forest stands at specific points in time, as the forest stand matures. The data collected to produce these yield curves originates from a network of permanent sample plots. This data must be accurate, consistent and comprehensive. Foresters and front line planners require this type of information from a permanent sample plot network, and the yield curves that result.

The Benchmark Yield Curve project is an essential and overdue exercise. Plonski's yield curves remain the basis for many management plans despite having been developed in the 1950's from a limited number of temporary sample plots in unmanaged stands. The curves for this project are being developed for the next round of forest management plans. The curves for this project focus on various management intensities in the context of 'NEBIE'. NEBIE is an acronym for Natural, Extensive, Basic, Intensive, and Elite management intensities. Many working definitions for each of the NEBIE intensities exist. Treatments can be put in the context of resource allocation modification, site modification, and genetic modification. These target-oriented definitions lend themselves to yield curves, the ultimate goal of this project.

The Benchmark Yield Curve Project will provide Tembec with scientifically sound growth and yield tools with known accuracy, giving forest managers and practitioners greater confidence in their planning process. It will also identify information gaps for directing additional data collection.


The Project Team: Margaret Penner, Forest Analysis Ltd., Murray Woods, OMNR, John Parton, OMNR, Al Stinson, OMNR-FRP.




An Approach to Mixed Wood Yield Curve Development in Ontario

Report: Development of Empirical Yield Curves for the PJ1, SP1 and SB1 Standard Forest Units (Penner, 2002)

Report: Development of Empirical Yield Curves for the HD1 Standard Forest Units (Penner, 2003)

Report: Development of Empirical Yield Curves for the PJ1, SP1, SB1, PO1, and SF1 Standard Forest Units (Penner, 2004)

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Yield Curve Overview - Presentation

Yield Curve Update - Presentation

Benchmark Yield Curve- Boreal Seminar 2008

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