DMD Update using Product Parameters - 150-501

Description: Stand density management, ie. regulating the species, number, size, and spatial arrangement of trees withina stand via initial spacing, precommercial thinning or commercial thinning, is a complex process given the multitude of treatment options available to the forest manager. However, with the advent of dynamic stand density management diagrams (SDMD's) and their algorithmic analogues, the analytical challenges of determining the most appropriate density management regime for a given volumetric yield objective has been largely overcome. Basically, SDMD's consist of a number of funtional and empirical quantitative relationships which collectively represent the cumulative effect of various underlying competition processes on tree and stand yield parameters. The temporal dependency of these processes is governed by the intensity of competition and site quality as expressed by relative density index and site index, respectively.

The purpose of this project is to develop an enhanced suite of SSDMD's for natural and managed jack pine stand-types that will enable the precise determination of the fiscally-optimal density management regimes for a given cost structure, rotation length, site and stand type. These SSDMD's will describe the entire wood value chain from which economic based treatment decisions can be derived.


The Project Team: Peter Newton, CFS, Tony Zhang, Forintek, Mahadev Sharma, OFRI, Jeff Fera, CFS, Dave Wood, FESC



Newton, P.F. 2009. Development of an integrated decision-support model for density management within jack pine stand-types. Ecological Modelling 220: 3301-3324.



Structural Stand Density Management Models

Structure Stand Density Mgn Models-Boreal Seminar 2008


Status Reports:

Status Report (2007-2008)

Finincial Summary (2007-2008)

Status Report (2009-2010)


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