Harvester Simulation Training - 150-003

Description: Simlog is a Montreal based company that designs, builds, and markets 3D simulation products for training heavy equipment operators. In September 1999, Simlog began selling its harvester operator training simulator, incorporating several progressive training modules. Rigorous scientific field-testing in 1997 and 1998 indicated a 25% increase in wood harvested by trainees, and a 30% reduction in damage to remaining trees by trainees. More recent tests at Corner Brook Pulp and Paper were also encouraging, with wood volume increasing by more than 40% over the training period. This training shows great promise for increasing initial operator productivity, and reducing the risk of damage both to harvested and residual trees normally associated with operator error. The use of simulator technology to reduce residual tree damage is particularly appropriate in partial cutting systems (shelterwood, selection, commercial thinning), where damage to remaining trees can have negative effects on subsequent tree growth and quality.

During the week of June 5th-9th, 2000 Tembec operations in North Eastern and South Central Ontario were introduced to Simlog technology through a series of hands-on workshops. These workshops were held in Mattawa, Timmins, Kapuskasing and Hearst. The workshops targeted Tembec staff and contractors from woodlands operations, as well as mill and training personnel.


The Harvester Simulation Training Project has produced positive results for Tembec. Specifically, it has accomplished the following objectives:

1. introduction of Simlog Technology to Tembec forest operations staff in both Central and North Eastern Ontario;
2. allowed the development of a positive business relationship and rapport with Simlog;
3. initiated the monitoring of use of Simlog technology by Tembec;
4. promoted the development of a contractor based training module with Simlog, aimed at making the technology available to small independent contractors; and
5. initiated Tembec corporate policy directing the use of this technology by 2001.


The Project Team:  Paul Freedman, Simlog


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