Response of White Pine to Release - 160-103

Description: A common objective in current forest management plans is white pine restoration; bringing white pine back to a more representative proportion of stands in the forest landscape. This project will result in the tools needed to nurture a new and larger white pine forest and succeed in releasing it to form a new stand.

The project also addresses some of the important issues identified in Ontario’s provincial White Pine Strategy, which is currently in production. It will also be used to update the white pine silvicultural guide, it will aid forest management planning teams to develop silvicultural ground rules for white pine shelterwood at the removal cut stage, and it will provide data to help with silvicultural effectiveness monitoring tools. Operationally, it will provide guidance to forest practitioners around intensive forest management of white pine forests in Ontario.

The overall outcome of this project will provide tools for forest practitioners that enable them to better predict the value of doing release treatments in stands with advanced white pine regeneration, to choose the appropriate herbicide based on understory species composition, and to evaluate the effects of different intensities of removal cuts.

The overall objectives of this project are to measure and document the growth response of advance white pine regeneration to release following:  

1. first removal cut of the shelterwood system;
2. understory cleaning of tall hardwood competitors 16-18 years after seeding cut of the shelterwood system;
3. operational aerial spray 7-15 years after the seeding cut of the shelterwood system.

4. The results from this project will provide the practitioner with the tools enabling them to better predict the value of release, choose the appropriate herbicide, and evaluate the different intensities of removal cuts within a white pine shelterwood system. Effectively managing white pine within a shelterwood system could potentially help Tembec to reach its 10/10 objective.


The Project Team: Andree Morneault, OMNR, Bill Parker, OFRI, Murray Woods, OMNR



Draft: Thompson, D. et al. 2007. Integrating Technologies to Optimize Aerial Herbicide Applications in Canadian Forest Vegetation Management. Draft Manuscript

Literature Review on Response of Advanced White Pine to Release, FRP Project: 160-103


Techinical Notes/ Reports:

Smith, M.L., Morneault, A.E., Othmer, D.C. and B. Davidson. 2009. Controlling woody competition in white pine shelterwood. Evaluation the effectiveness of four single stem treatments. Ont. Min. Natur. Resour., Science and Information Branch, Southern Sci. and Info., SSI Tech. Rpt. SIB SSI TR-129. 14pp.



Using Ecophysiology Research to Understand Growth Responses of White Pine to Competition Control Treatments

Using Ecophysiology Reserach to understand growth responses to competition control treatments


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