Budworm Decision Support - 160-002

Description: Effectively protecting the forest from destructive pests, such as spruce budworm, is important to forest managers. Outbreaks of spruce budworm can reduce fibre production and result in increased operating costs for forest product companies. The Forestry Research Partnership is funding the adaptation of several decision support systems for use on the Tembec landbase that help to minimize or reduce fibre loss, and ultimately contribute toward the main goal of the partnership - the implementation of scientifically sound practices that lead to a sustainable increase of 10% over 10 years in allowable cut across Tembec forest licenses.

The Canadian Forest Service has developed the Spruce Budworm Decision Support System (SBWDSS) to assist foresters in planning and carrying out management activities that potentially reduce the damage caused by spruce budworm outbreaks. The SBWDSS uses marginal timber supply as the basis for determining management actions such as insecticide use, or scheduling of harvest and silviculture to minimize losses.

The SBWDSS determines a budworm loss value (m3 /ha) for each forest stand. This information is then used to improve harvest schedules, to reduce the amount of loss in the next outbreak, or to improve protection programs (insecticide spraying) by maximizing timber supply benefits, and minimizing costs. The system also evaluates the effects of different protection policies, and budworm outbreak scenarios on future growing stock, and sustainable harvest levels.

The objectives of this project are:

1.  To adapt the SBWDSS to Tembec inventory, management plans, and budworm impact data.
2.  To implement the SBWDSS on the Tembec Iandbase in Ontario.
3.  To conduct strategic planning analysis evaluating effects of protection policy and budworm outbreak
     scenarios on growing stock and sustainable harvest levels.
4.  To determine procedures and data requirements for SBWDSS implementation on other landbases, and
     for other major forest pests in Ontario


The Project Team: Tony Hopkin, CFS



Final Report- Implementation of a spruce budworm protection planning system for the Romeo Malette Forest (January 2002). 21p.

Hemens, B. (no date) Assessing the effects of a spruce budworm outbreak in the boreal forest. 13p.


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