Afforestation 130-001 (aka Forest 20/20 - 170-001)

Description: The objective of the project is to demonstrate afforestation opportunities and provide applied research sites to investigate the benefits and impacts of afforestation in Northeastern Ontario. There are three sites that are part of this project and they are located near Timmins and Matheson.These sites are used to refine and interpret afforestation establishment techniques, and growth and yield, for  Norway spruce, and Hybrid Poplar. Norway spruce is one of the most common and economically important  important tree species internationally. The main objective is to investigate Norway spruce, and Hybrid Poplar afforestation potential in the Northeast Region, Boreal Forest.

The project will enable forest managers to establish the potential of these species as  high volume and carbon sink producers in comparison to other tree species in this area of Ontario. Planting of exotic trees in Canada dates back to the earliest arrival of explorers and settlers, who transported seeds and cuttings to establish new gardens and orchards. Most exotics are from regions that have a similar climate, primarily Europe and Asia. This use of exotics has continued to the present time. Norway spruce has a long history of being planted in Canada, without displaying any tendency to become invasive or to negatively impact the environment. Norway spruce is not reproductively compatible with our native spruces; therefore there would be no gene flow between a plantation of Norway spruce and the surrounding indigenous species. To determine Norway spruce’s potential in the Boreal forest zone, this project will investigate planting success, survival and growth of Norway spruce on freehold lands purchased or leased by Tembec Inc.

A Hybrid poplar clone site trial (Poh CST) was established on a two hectare portion of one of the properties. The specific purpose of this portion of the project is to test the suitability of a variety of Poh clones in the local area. The establishment of both Norway Spruce and Poplar will provide opportunities to further study the impacts of afforestation in agricultural settings and the benefits of intensive forest management.


The Project Team: Scott Reid, OMNR, Scott McPherson, OMNR, Jeff Leach, Tembec, Steve Dohminy, CFS, Derek Sidders, CWFC


Suporting Materials:

Photos, May 2009

Hybrid Poplar Layout, June 2010


Project Outputs:

Status Report (2008-2009)

Financial Summary (2008-2009)

Spring 2010 Assessment

Status Report (2010-2011)


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