Forestry Research Partnership Forestry Chronicle Special Issue - 180-801

Description: This project was initiated under the extension theme of the Forestry Research Partnership (FRP) and was a multi-agency project with the goal of providing a summary of the FRP history and accomplishments as well as highlights of some the projects undertaken by the FRP in the last 8 years.

The objective of this multi-agency project was to publish a series of manuscripts which provide background for why the FRP was formed, how it functions, what it has accomplished with a peek into future endeavors.

In 1999, Tembec, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Canadian Ecology Centre joined together to form a forest science partnership. Their goal was to obtain a 10% gain in wood within 10 years on Tembec's licenses in Ontario.

The Forestry Research Partnership was formed in response to several clauses in the 1999 Ontario Forest Accord pertaining to science partnerships and the implementation of intensive forest management practices on the forest landscape.

The FRP very quickly developed into an attractive venue for scientists interested in contributing their talents to an organization having a well articulated set of focused objectives. The synergy that the partnership brought to the forest research community was timely for a number of reasons. In Ontario, forest science, which includes research, development, and effects and effectiveness monitoring, has until very recently been a function of the provincial and federal governments and universities with varying levels of support from forest industries. Since April 2000, the four partners have worked within a passive adaptive management framework to identify, develop, and implement ecologically sustainable and scientifically defensible, leading-edge forest science to maintain and enhance an economically viable supply of quality fibre for forest industry over the long term.

Between April 2000 and March 2008 the partners will have funded, directed, or catalyzed over 140 projects that provides science in the areas of spatial analysis, fibre production, protection, biodiversity, and economics that are pertinent to achieving the CEC-FRP goal. The majority of the projects focused on data and knowledge management providing a solid foundation of knowledge and information from which to conduct a series of sensitivity analyses to determine if the long-term 10 in 10 goal was plausible and sustainable.


Project Lead: F. Wayne Bell, OFRI/MNR

Project Team: F. Wayne Bell, OFRI/MNR, Lisa Buse, OFRI/MNR, Nancy Young, FRP, and Guy Smith, CFS


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Status Reports:

Financial Summary (2008-2009)


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