Tech Transfer and Extension Program - 180-006

Description: The FRP extension project is broadly aimed at communicating and implementing forestry knowledge across northern Ontario that will contribute both to long-term forest sustainability and enhanced forest productivity. This directly benefits the economic, environmental, and social conditions in northern Ontario communities. The FRP also seeks to help educators attract, inform and engage their students in the many facets of forestry practiced in norther Ontario. While Tembec's forest licenses are the geographic area of focus, the knowledge disseminated through FRP Extension is openly available and intended for provincial and national benefit.

The objectives of the extension project are:

  • To deliver intensive, well-packaged activities, events and products that synthesize science, technology, and the strategies that will lead to the implementation of ecologically sustainable and scientifically defensible leading edge forestry practices
  • To actively and aggressively transfer information and results associated with the FRP's Implementation of Enhanced Fibre Production Pilot Project on the Romeo Malette Porest to audiences including practitioners, managers, and policy makers in both government and industry
  • To leverage new knowledge and information; and capacity and expertise by integrating the extension initiatives of other agencies, as an additional means of achieving FRP goals and objectives
  • To co-ordinate and foster data and information exchange, and general integration between research project both external to, and under the auspices of the FRP.
  • To aid in providing forestry educational opportunities to natural resources universities and colleges, teachers and the environmentally conscious public
  • To provide extension and knowledge transfer services to other atural resources organizations and agencies as requested, and on a cost recovery basis.


The Project Team: Nancy Young, FRP, Guy Smith, CFS 


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Status Reports:

Status Report (2009-2010)


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