Hybrid Poplar Opportunities for Tembec - 130-006

Description: The need for this project is based on Tembec's objective of increasing their allowable cut by 10% in 10 years, and the realization that this may not be attained through traditional intensive forestry practices alone. Therefore, the implementation of short rotation, high yield fibre farms may provide a supplementary source of fibre that contributes to the overall objective. The purpose of this project was to take risks and opportunities associated with high yield fibre farming of hybrid poplar in Ontario and to guide the development and implementation of a viable program for Tembec as part of its intensive forest management program.

In October of 2001, a comprehensive field tour was held to exhibit the 'good and the bad' of hybrid poplar cultivation in Ontario and Quebec. The purpose of these visits were to see first hand how other companies and government agencies are managing their fibre farming operations and to listen to scientists and consultants share their expertise on the subject.

Results from this project showed that managing short rotation, intensive culture, hybrid poplar plantations on active or abandoned farmland could make good economic sense for Tembec. However, a number of principles must be strictly adhered to, which include:

1. Use the best genetic material

2. Target good quality soils

3. Carry out good site preparation, cultivation and effective weed control

4. Use good general management practices

There is a tremendous potential to plant and cultivate hybrid poplar in an effort to contribute to Tembec's 10 in 10 objective, provided that Tembec proceeds with short rotation, intensive culture, hybrid plantation management.


The Project Team: Randy Ford, NESMA, Dennis Joyce, OMNR




Report: Hybrid Poplar Opportunities for Tembec Inc. (January 14, 2001)


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