Gurd and Bonner Research Areas 100-000


The Gurd Research and Tree Improvement Area - Trout Creek, Ontario

The Gurd Research and Tree Improvement Area was established in 1963, by the Department of Lands and Forests, and later managed by the OMNR. It is 200 hectares in size. The original purpose of Gurd was to establish white pine, red pine, and white spruce seed orchards. In the mid 1990's site maintenance and managment was discontinued, although a number of concerned individuals with the OMNR continued some basic work. There has been significant re-investment, along with new projects and research efforts, since the inception of the FRP in 2000. There are over 20 individual forest science and research projects dating back to various times of origin. There are also a number of ongoing projects.

The Edward Bonner Tree Improvement Centre - Moonbeam, Ontario

The Edward Bonner Tree Improvement Centre was established in 1948 as a tree nursery to produce seedlings for the purpose of general boreal forest regeneration in harvested sites. Since 1952, genetic tree improvement programs have also been underway at the site. Covering 503 hectares, the Bonner Centre now encompasses seed production areas, seedling seed orchards, super-seeding plantations, and clonal archives, all of which contribute to the improvement of tree growth and fibre quality.


The Project Team: Al Stinson, OMNR-FRP



Forintek Report: Chauret, G., Zhang, T. and Y. Levesque. 2002. Wood Characteristics and End-Use Potential of Two Fast-Growing Exotic Larch Species (Larix gmelinii and Larix siberica) Grown in Ontario.



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