Overview of the Biomass Innovation Centre

The Biomass Innovation Centre (BIC) was established by Nipissing University’s School of Business in the spring of 2009 as a centre for knowledge and support in the development of an expanding clean technology industry in the country by focusing its energies on the environmental, economic and social impact of using an existing wood supply for renewable heat and power.


To assist in the development of a robust biomass industry in northern Ontario, we work with organizations and individuals to:

• Identify biomass supply opportunities in the forestry and agricultural sectors

• Support projects that transform biomass into fuels and other high-value products

• Develop market capacity and demand for bio-fuels and bio-refinery products



• Develop biomass training materials and deliver community seminars

• Contribute to the development of effective policies and best practices

• Encourage and support biomass-related projects through knowledge transfer

For more infromation on the Biomass Innovation Center please visit our website.