The Forestry Research Trail, which is located at the Canadian Ecology Center, in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park along Highway 17, just west of Mattawa, Ontario, is designed as an informational tour of a classic forest research stand.  This trail travels through a typical softwood stand of white pine and red pine trees.  Approximately 100 years ago, a fire burned through the understory and ground cover of this forest, revealing the rich, fertile soil below.  The fire created a perfect seedbed for pine cones and the heat of the blaze opened the cones, planting the trees that are present today.

The Ministry of Natural Resources Growth and Yield Program established a permanent sample plot (PSP) within this forest in order to collect long-term data on undisturbed growth patterns in this stand.  Ribbon, paint and signs mark important information references for researchers throughout the area.

If you choose to come to experience the trail in person, there are two paths that you could explore.  The long loop takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, while the short look takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Both loops are a family friendly hike, allowing everyone to participate in the experience.

Please explore the following links to learn more about the Forestry Research Trail and it’s educational stopping points.

Forestry Research Trail Pamphlet

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Beyond the Forestry Research Trail

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